lawlight is a bristol based law firm offering expert advice for commercial and residential transactions. The firm of solicitors has been established on these core values:

environmentallight: the underlying ethos of the law firm is to work sympathetically to the environment and society. This is a positive decision to adopt sustainable and considerate values in considering the working space that we wish to occupy, the refusal to print unless absolutely required, to source fair trade, to consider our energy providers and our means of transport to have as light an impact on the environment as possible.

trafficlight: we wish that you will take advantage of our established experience in the specific specialist sectors. We are fully aware about what is, and what is not, acceptable in the market places in which we work. The value that we offer is being able to report quite clearly in "traffic light terms" the risks that you may be incurring in proceeding and also the best possible solutions to protect you.

guidinglight: once we fully understand your objectives we provide high-quality legal advice to achieve your objectives in an ordered, cost effective and efficient way. We will look after our clients and always be on point to lead you to their objectives highlighting the risks and giving you the right information to fully assess the transaction.

deliveringlight: our outlook is to be nimble and swift. We will be set up to work in any environment and, if you prefer that we come and sit in your offices or escort you to meetings, site visits or events that you consider require legal support, we will be there for you.